Walk the talk

Walk the Talk was Dr Tom’s earlier mission, that spanned over two years. Dr Tom travelled all over New Zealand in his ambulance, visiting at least 20 locations and walking through New Zealand’s epic country side, discussing health and wellbeing. 

At each location Dr Tom completed:


    Each location, Dr Tom gave a community talk that anyone and everyone was welcome to. Dr Tom has performed these talks to the likes of Google, Microsoft and The Hilton. They cover adventures of being a doctor in the polar regions, the reality of working in New Zealand’s emergency department for over 30 years, as well as providing the audience with tools to measure, monitor and motivate their own health and wellbeing.


    At each location, Dr Tom completed a short walk (i.e in Taupo, Dr Tom walked the Huka Falls track). These were also open to the community, where anyone could come alone, get active and discuss any health or wellbeing concerns, questions or ideas they might hold. The intention was for Dr Tom to meet the community, connect them with each other and have the important discussion about what they can be doing to keep themselves, and their loved ones out of the emergency department.


    At each location, Dr Tom visited one farm or station, where he discussed farmers health and wellbeing and answered any questions anyone had. Dr Tom’s intentions with this was to hear what farmers have to say, provide some tools to measure, monitor and motivate health and wellbeing, and connect other farmers in the area into this discussion in their community.
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Access to the KYND app

The KYND app was developed by Dr Tom after his first ever mission in his ambulance. He created it because he was finding really important results for people he was testing in the community, but found they had no where to store this data or to make a difference form it.