The Ambulance at the Top of the Cliff

Dr Tom is on a mission to help solve your health, safety and wellbeing risks and issues. His unique style, clinical and business experience helps solve Individual, Family, Community and Business problems. Consult with New Zealand’s Doctor Tom to find the solutions to your challenges to save you time, money, illness and injury.

Current missions

After 25 years of working in the Emergency Department, Dr Tom Mulholland decided too many Kiwis were becoming ill from preventable diseases. He set out to become the ambulance at the top of the cliff, turning a retro Chevy ambulance into a pop-up medical clinic. He travelled around New Zealand for eight years, testing people for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, anxiety and stress and social stressors.

From this, he found people didn’t know their health numbers, so he developed the KYND Wellness App Know Your Numbers Dashboard.

Now with over 3 million data points, KYND is used by tens of thousands of kiwis to measure, monitor and manage their physical, mental and social health. You can’t get much more Kiwi than Doctor Tom, who relates to most people and understands the challenges they face every day at work and home.

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