Our story

Over the past 30 years Dr Tom Mulholland has helped hundreds of thousands of people globally, improve their mental, physical and social health and live their best life.

Dr Tom Mulholland left school in 1979 to join the New Zealand Forest Service and become a Forester. He discovered his passion was helping people, so completed a first-class honours degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Canterbury, and then graduated with a Medical degree from the University of Otago in 1989. 

His love of surfing and the mountains took him to Taranaki where he was an Orthopaedic and General Surgical Registrar, gained a Diploma in Sports Medicine started his own General Practice and founded Taranakis first Accident and Medical Clinic White Cross. He also started Doctor Global and was the first in the world to do online consultations last century, won numerous business awards and featured on 60 minutes twice. 

He has been an Emergency Department Doctor and GP for over 25 years and has practised from an Auckland Hospital, rural New Zealand towns, the Chatham Islands and worked in Antarctic, Arctic and Indo Pacific as a ship's doctor and expedition leader. 

Hosting his own TV and radio shows, writing  two internationally-best selling books and being a professional speaker to the likes of Google, Microsoft and Hilton for the 20 years has made him a well-known figure in the New Zealand and international community. He has also been an Honorary lecturer in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland.

Working in the emergency department, Dr Tom recognised a lot of the patients visiting the hospital had preventable illnesses. Whilst he could often prolong their lives by a few years, months or sometimes only weeks, he realised most of the damage had already been done. With this knowledge, and a passion to help people, Dr Tom set out to become the ambulance at the top of the cliff, rather than the bottom.

Dr Tom has since been on the road for the last eight years, testing thousands Kiwis in the back of his old Chevy ambulance that his team have transformed into a pop-up medical clinic.


This helped him and his team develop the KYND wellness app, teach Healthy Thinking and develop solutions to challenges that people, communities and companies face.