What We Do


Dr Mulholland Tom has given over 1000 keynote presentations on wellbeing to international clients like Google, Microsoft, and Hilton.

He’s recognised as host of his own daily TV chat show on TV 2 and weekly talk show on RadioLive and is a regular writer for the Sunday Star Times on health and wellbeing. 

His books on Healthy Thinking are translated into twelve languages and have made the best seller list around the world. He consults on stress and attitude globally to some of the world's largest corporates. He is passionate about Healthy Thinking and how to diagnose and treat attitude illness.

When he is not working as a doctor or on the speaking circuit, Dr Mulholland enjoys extreme sport and expeditions. He was awarded a New Zealand Defence Force Special Services medal for his medical work in the Boxing Day Tsunami and had a stint as the doctor on a Russian Icebreaker in the Southern Ocean. He’s even toured as a stand-up comedian.

Using his experience as a doctor, entrepreneur, CEO and as a stand-up comedian, The Attitude Doctor can improve your way of thinking and outlook. His presentations will have you laughing, crying, entertained and educated by an experienced doctor both in the clinic and on the stage. 


Workshops take Dr Toms talks and put them into real life practice with your organisation. They are engaging, informative and a great way for individuals to master the skills that Dr Tom explains in his talks.

Workshops can span over half a day or a full day. Each individual will receive a copy of Dr Tom’s best selling Healthy Thinking books, a workbook pamphlet and deeper understanding of the concepts Dr Tom has practised over the past 30 years.


workplace testing

Workplace testing is the next step up to measuring and managing your employees health. Talks, workshops are great for the team and for morale. By physically evaluating the team, each individual will have a consultation with Dr Tom or the team. Each employee will be given access to the KYND app.

The KYND app is developed by Dr Tom to store individuals crucial information, like blood pressure, mental health evaluations and much more. Employeees will have access to all of the questionnaires and content (inbuilt videos with advice and recommendation to health conditions made specifically by the Dr Tom team). KYND measures Physical, Mental and Social wellbeing.

Once employees have completed the mental and social aspects of the app, they will come to our ambulance for a physical check. This tests things such as blood pressure, HbA1C (type two diabetes indicator), cholesterol and lung function. After their physical, employees will head to Dr Tom or the team member of that day for a full consultation. Here employees can discuss in complete confidence any health or wellbeing issues they may be facing. Most often