The HOPP Tour

2018 - Current

The Healthy Ocean People and Ports (HOPP) Tour is about to begin! Dr Tom and the team are to set sail, following the ambulance on land around New Zealand. This initiative came to life after Dr Tom completed many land based tours and found staggering numbers of undiagnosed medical conditions through our country.

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Rayonier Matariki


In 2018, Dr Tom and his team took off around the country in the ambulance to focus on one of New Zealand’s key industries: Forestry. The team worked with Rayonier Matariki, a forward thinking forestry company who have a special emphasis on employee wellbeing.

The tour spanned over six weeks, and the ambulance travelled from the Far North, all the way down to Southland, the Catlins. Covering over 5,000kms our trusty chevvy ambo hiked her way through muddy forestry roads, and set up at different crew sites all around the country.

Here Dr Tom and the team got the machines humming, the height measurements set up and made a pop up medical clinic in the bush. Forestry workers from all different backgrounds trickled through, sharing laughs and stories as we went over our KYND app with them to evaluate their phsyical, mental and social health.

We made some great friends, medical discoveries and also a video. This highlights our tour with the awesome Rayonier Matariki. Watch below.



Dr Tom and his ambo were the first cab off the rank for the Farmstrong rural wellbeing program founded by Farmers Mutual Group and the Mental Health Foundation.

Over three years, Tom delivered over 50 key note talks and workshops for farmers nationwide on stress, wellbeing and thinking strategies.

Dr Tom Mulholland was an important ambassador for Farmstrong when we launched in 2015.  Since then Tom's media profile and delivery of Healthy Thinking Workshops has been key in helping us achieve within our first 15 months 50% awareness of Farmstrong and its messages among NZ farmers and growers.   

In 2017 as part of an independent evaluation of Farmstrong we found that a random sample of farmers who had participated in Farmstrong programmes (including Toms Healthy Thinking workshops) reported a 39% improvement over the last 12 months in their ability to cope with the ups and downs of farming.  

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Ministry of Health

In 2015, Dr Tom and his team set off around the country with support from the Ministry of Health. The mission was to test 1, 000 Kiwi’s in impromptu testing sites, such as super market car parks and other various locations.

Over the course of two years, Dr Tom and the team tested 1, 012 New Zealanders.

Over 2, 000 people came to community talks and the ambulance travelled from the Far North to Invercargill.

Fifty-nine percent of all patients interviewed said they had talked to a doctor since the testing. Between 54% and 77% reported improved test results.

The mission was incredibly successful and Dr Tom and the team were able to make a genuine impact on the lives of many.