Happiness is an inside job


Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Dr Tom Mulholland 

We are living in uncertain times with one in three workers suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and sleep disorders. The good news is we can learn Healthy Thinking®  tools, tips and techniques to help self-manage these issues.

From relationship, work, traffic and health triggers, we can learn and practice ways to reduce the load on our grumpy unit, the amygdala.

Reducing cortisol and adrenaline, while boosting with dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin helps switch from Fright Freeze and Flight to the Nucleus acumbens in our brain. Happiness is an inside job! 

Improve your hardware (brain) and software (mind) in this webinar with Dr Tom. You may also influence others while improving yourself. 

Webinar time: 45 minutes then with Q&A 15 minutes (1 hour duration)

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Dr Tom Mulholland is an International best-selling author, Emergency Department Doctor and Rural GP with over 30 years clinical experience. He is the founder of Doctor Global, KYND wellness app and the Healthy Thinking Institute.

He has been an honorary lecturer in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland and given over 2,100 presentations globally to the likes of Hilton, Microsoft and Google. He has helped thousands of people reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve sleep, performance and happiness.