Returning to try and save Thomas:  A 5 year old boy in the final stages of heart failure in Indonesia.

Dr Caroline Meadows and I are heading back to Waisai to try and save Thomas in April. We will be heading to the village and thanks to the Generosity of Sonosite NZ, are taking an Ultrasound scanner to look at Thomas’s heart to see what structural problems there are, and if they can be fixed. We will also be scanning the hearts of children in the area to see if we can pick up any other structural heart problems. We could not be doing this without the help of our sponsors, the Indonesian Health authorities and Drs Sririyanti Wijaya and Dr Syarif a Cardiologist from Jakarta. If you could donate some money it will now go to Thomas and his family as his mother tragically passed away leaving 5 children.

Many thanks for your ongoing support

Seven days… 700 kilometres travelling via Jet Ski.

We are fundraising for The Melanoma Foundation. We will be driving the ambulance providing medical assistance for the trip, as well as participating in the race. We are riding from Napier to Tauranga with many stops along the East Coast Cape.

Like every mission, this is about raising awareness and saving lives.

You can check us out, support or donate on our givealittle for this event too: